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“Jackie’s permanent makeup technique is flawless! Her attention to detail and precision is unmatched. She did my eyebrows and the results are so natural that nobody would ever be able to tell they’re not mine. Jackie encourages feedback throughout the entire procedure and is not done until it’s just right.”

Esther M.,

“Permanent makeup what a way to go! I never have to worry in the summer that my eyebrows are melting away after 4 hours on the golf course. The look? Totally natural.”

Paula N.,

“I love what Jackie did for my eyebrows! Jackie’s technique is gentle and she really takes her time. They look fabulous. I went from barely having any brows, to gorgeous, completely natural looking brows.”

Jackie K.,

“I absolutely love what Jackie did for me! It doesn’t even look like I’m wearing eyeliner, but my eyes are more defined and my lashes appear thicker.”

Emily G.,

“My lips look the color of a baby’s lip. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks Jackie!”

Mary M.,


“Just wanted to let you know that the dermaplaning you did was very visible on my face. Had people saying my skin looked differently. Also, I stopped into Bloomingdales to pick up a non cosmetic item and a sales rep from Trish McEvoy stopped me saying she wanted to do makeup on my face because my skin was so supple (lol).”

Patricia T.,

“I love it! Can’t wait to see you again! People noticed something was different, but did not know what. Thought hair change, different makeup, sweater color…”

Roz B.,

“Jackie’s dermaplaning is the best thing ever! The results are immediate, my skin looked as though I’d had an hour-long facial, but it only took a few minutes… last time my skin looked that smooth I was in my 20’s.”

Esther M.,

“Jackie has been a wonder in getting my skin to look flawless, incredibly smooth, and a glow to boot. People that know me can’t believe the difference of going from bad skin to great skin.”

Paula N.,

“Jackie David provides wonderful skincare in a professional and relaxing atmosphere. Her treatments are gentle, but effective. My skin has never looked better!”

Sandi D.,