The new generation Permanent Makeup

So many people have asked me the same question over the years: “What is permanent makeup all about, and how does it really work?”

What people really mean when they ask the question is that they would like more comprehensive information about the whole process and what is involved.

I have listed a few of the most commonly asked questions:

• What is permanent makeup? • What are the benefits? • Is it painful? • Is it really permanent? • How much does it cost? • How do I know that my skin type is suitable for permanent makeup?

Let us go through the list together and get you some answers.

Permanent makeup Permanent makeup is also referred to as micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, micro-blading, or eyebrow embroidery. Depending on which term you use can be a marketing ploy, but it is all considered permanent makeup. The pigments used for cosmetic use are different than the inks used in body tattoos.

The colors are formulated to look more soft and natural than body inks. That is why you see bold, bright colors on traditional body tattoos and not the same types of colors you would see on an eyebrow. In turn, the same soft colors used for cosmetics could not be used on body tattoos as they would not last. Most people want a soft look, which can be an adjusted as your face changes over time and your hair color changes. Therefore, it is more favorable to have colors used that can be softened, darkened or can slowly fade away over time.

Benefits of permanent makeup Besides being a life changer for people with certain medical conditions, permanent makeup can also be your previous permanent makeup makes life a breeze “time saver” every single morning, day after day, week after week. You can simply look great from the moment you get up to the time you go to sleep. Beautiful, undetectable makeup that bridges the gap between looking washed out and looking “made-up.”

Permanent makeup should enhance your natural features, without giving a “made-up” look. Topical makeup trends change from season to season. However, having thick lashes and defined brows and lips will never go out of style. Therefore, permanent makeup is not meant to replace topical makeup. It gives you the advantage of looking natural, only better, even when not wearing conventional makeup.

Pain-free? You don’t have to fear that getting a permanent makeup will hurt. The pain does vary according to each individual’s pain threshold, but rest assured, I use is the latest in European acupuncture technology, which results in less client discomfort. A prescription strength topical anesthetic cream is also applied before and throughout the procedures.

Permanent? How permanent is it? I know that seems like a contradiction, but not much in life is really totally permanent. The color tones will little by little fade throughout the years. Longevity varies from person to person depending on their body chemistry, life style (sun exposure), the color(s) used are also thought to be affected by topical products applied to the skin. I typically recommend that you get a “refresher” every 12 to 24 months for eyebrows. A “refresher” for eyeliner and lips is usually needed every 24 to 48 months. This will ensure that you always have a crisp and fresh look.

Cost I know you have been waiting for me to talk about the cost. Permanent makeup, when compared to other available beauty therapies and treatments is a relative cost effective option. As I am sure you know, quality has its price, but quality does not have to be expensive. Most of the time, an inexpensive option can turn out to be the truly expensive one. Your consideration when thinking about permanent makeup must really be based not simply on price, but you also have to take the professional expertise you receive as well as the quality of the service into consideration.

Is it for me? It is very easy to find out whether or not you are a candidate for permanent makeup. Just email or call me to arrange a complimentary consultation. I will be able to provide you with advice and recommendations, explaining exactly what options would achieve the look you desire.